Irrigation Design & Installation in Dubai

Innovators Landscape offers an irrigation system that is a rainfall-like process for applying irrigation water. Water is typically distributed by pumping through a system of pipes. It is then sprayed into the air and sprayed through spray heads to irrigate the entire soil surface so that it breaks up into tiny drops of water that fall to the ground.

In addition to other facilities, such as construction , maintenance and/or residential landscaping packages, we provide irrigation facilities as a standalone contract in the UAE. Appropriate for residential , commercial, hotel, resorts, public & government corporations, golf links, race courses, etc.

We launch the process of landscape design with a personal consultation at your home to recognize your property’s unique characteristics and specific challenges. We explore your personal needs, plant selections, and how much time you want to spend on maintaining your garden and options for landscaping. Then we combine our experience with your thoughts and create a creative master plan that compliments your lifestyle for your home.

Note: we also provide home automation services

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