Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai

Are you looking for a best landscaping company in Dubai Uae? Then Innovators landscaping company make your desert land into green land. Because landscaping engineers are well qualified and have knowledge of which methods are helpful to make your land green and attractive.
Everybody knows Dubai is the land of the desert but our specialty we convert your sandy garden into a green garden.We Provide the best landscape design and lands turf services for both residential and commercial area of Dubai.

Our company provide following types of landscaping in Dubai Uae

Organic Gardens our expert make your garden soil cultivated that help to grow organic fruits.
Butterfly garden is garden design technique where we make your garden that attract butterfly and make a home in your garden.
In informal gardening, plants are allowed to be grown without much supervision, so that they achieve a natural look.
Woodland landscape in UAE Typically, woodland gardens are naturalized areas, including trees and ground cover.
Formal Landscape Usually, well proportioned, symmetrical, and geometrically balanced, Formal Gardens are also known as Classical Gardens.
Japanese Garden Karesansui is the Japanese term for these kinds of gardens found within Zen temples. A famous example of this type of garden in Kyoto is Ryoan-Ji.a landscape
Other Types: English Cottage landscape, Tropical Landscaping in Dubai

Best Landscaping Garden Design

planting bed landscaping
Planting Bed
lawns and shrubs
Lawns and Shrubs
flowering tree
Flowering Tree

Landscaping with rocks

Landscaping with rocks provides more beauty to your landscaping area. Usually, there are many designs and types of rocks but we can discuss some of the most famous designs that we provide in Dubai.

  • Crushed Granite
  • River Rocks
  • Brick Chips
  • Flagstones
  • Lava Rocks
  • Decomposed Granite


Providing aesthetically pleasing outdoor business spaces requires conceptualizing, designing, installing, and maintaining the landscaping assets in a commercial setting is called commercial landscaping.

Benefits of commercial landscaping in Dubai


Everybody knows about residential landscaping but today I will discuss are major benefits of residential landscaping in Dubai.

  • Provide help to improve outdoor Areas
  • Due to Residential landscaping outside temperature is stabled
  • Landscaping is good for Water and Air
  • Tree and Grass provide help to increase water level inside earth


Pergola is a type of shades that they consist on four to six beam they provide help to increase the beauty of your garden or landscaping. Actually, a pergola is constructed middle garden and family peoples sit there and enjoy and feel a natural beauty.


Gazebo style in landscaping, they put more beauty into your garden. The gazebo is a shade structure between 3 to 3.5 meters in height.

A gazebo is a sitting place, In event family and friends felt joyful when they sit inside the gazebo..

So, if are you interested and making a plan to build a gazebo design in your home garden then our landscaping team provide gazebo design services in Dubai


Our front lawn was 30mm Mayfair laid 4 years ago and still retains its fresh look today – we replaced it with 40mm Mayfair and it looks beautiful! Thanks, Innovator landscaping team for making my lawn beautiful.
Sharjah UAE
I take services from that company for my farmhouse irrigation system. their irrigation engineer is an expert in irrigation and drip irrigation. I strongly recommend its services to others.
Dubai UAE
No doubt, in the landscaping field no comparison of Innovator landscaping company in Dubai. They provide the best landscaping services in Dubai
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