Propone Fire Pits in Dubai

Fire Features

A propane firepit is possibly the best option for most applications. Using propane as a fuel source means using the chosen Santorini fire pit with minimal set-up. Normal propane cylinders are used, and the fire pit housing hides the tank. Connecting and disconnecting the tank is easy and quick, enabling homeowners to continue to enjoy their firepit even if the fuel source needs to change at night. Propane fuel is readily available , making empty tank filling simple and quick. In certain places , people easily move an empty tank to one already full, avoiding waiting for an attendant to fill the tank. We are leading Swimming Pool Contractor in Dubai.

Natural gas may also be used to power O.W. Lee’s firepits. A propane-to-natural gas conversion kit is included with the fire pit. The benefit of using natural gas is avoiding every need to turn or refill tanks as natural gas supplies are constant. The key downside of choosing natural gas as fuel source is the expense of building permanent gas lines. If a nearby gas line can be tapped, the cost may not be excessive, but if no gas line is nearby, building a line may be costly. The other significant drawback of using natural gas as a fuel source is that the fire pit is no longer portable. Propane firepits can be quickly transferred from area to area. Natural gas fire pits, however, are not easily mobile.

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