#1 Soft & Hard Landscape Designer in Dubai

Soft Landscaping

The Soft Landscape Concept is an integral part of any project of landscape and there is no total affectation without it. Mainly practitioners in garden design, landscape creation, landscape design, landscape lighting, and landscape Architecture include indoor and exterior plants and other vegetative materials that are used by design to enhance a landscape. The corresponding definition of hard landscape differs and typically includes structural materials such as brick, sand, rock, stone, wood , concrete, glass and metals. On the other side, the soft landscape growth or, more generally known as softer landscape development, typically includes the use of plant life and flora, such as trees, palm trees , flowers to improve the overall appearance and to highlight the excellent and elegant landscape. In addition, water-based and semi-aquatic plants can be part of the variety of landscape items involved with soft landscaping, plants like grasses and herbs. In Dubai soft landscaping combines processes such as hedge planting, plant design and plotting, shrub plantations and planting. We take into account the resolve and encouragement of flowers and plantations here at Innovators View landscape, finished by experienced designers who have gained themselves a reputation as specialists in agriculture and floriculture. Our team of expert designers at Innovators View Landscape Dubai will create a special and exquisite landscape for their esteemed customers by using various sizes of impeccable vegetation materials like flowers , plants which are imported from all over the world.

Hard Landscaping

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